Thanks to all georeferencers

Between October 2020 and April 2021 the University Library succesfully georeferenced its collection old maps. This was only possible through the effort of more than 85 voluntary georeferencers. Together they georeferenced 3610 maps by placing 36.509 control points! A big thanks goes out to everyone who contributed to the project, whether by georeferencing just a couple or a large amount of maps.

All georeferencers are listed in the table below. Realising to fall short on many contributors without whom we would not have succeeded, a number of georeferencers deserve special mention. Our top three contributors are Fons Verhaegen (5397), Susan Hollink (4535) and Jelle Kralt (4013). Well done and thanks a lot!

In very short notice the price winners will be informed. All contributors who georeferenced 5 maps before Easter, are entered into a draw to win a print of a map of your choice from the VU Old Maps Collection! Read here the interview with Fons Verhaegen, price winner last year.

The georeferenced maps are already available through the geoviewer on the historical maps page. Note that the georeferenced maps are still under revision. Once revisied, they will also be displayed on the oldmapsonline website, an overarching repository for georeferenced maps where many collections share their georeferenced maps.

Read more on the usefullness of georeferencing and its application for research in these two short articles on VU Library’s website: ‘Help Making VU’s Old Maps Easier to Find and Better Searchable Online’ and ‘Do Research or Teach with the Maps Collection of VU Amsterdam.’

Our contributors:

Distribution of the Old Maps of the University Library. Each georeferenced map is represented as a dot: