Using the viewer 

View a layer

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To view a layer click on the + sign next to the name.

Click on the - to hide the layer. 


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Use the zoom control to zoom in and out of the map.

Or hold the Shift Key and the left mouse button to select the area you wish to zoom in to.

You can also zoom by using your mouse scroll wheel or double-clicking on the map.

Change layer order

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To switch the layer order left click and hold the mouse button and drag the layer to a new position.


Changing layer opacity

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Drag the slider to change the opacity of the layer.

Viewing the legend

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When a legend is available you can click on the legend icon to view it.

Click on an open legend to hide it it.

Feature Info

Right-click on the map to get feature information of the active layers about the location.

Changing Base Layer

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Click on the layer symbol in the top right corner of the map to view the available base layers. Select the layer you want to use and click on the X to close the control.

Find location

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Enter the location you want to see and click search. The viewer will zoom in on the location and a marker is be placed in the center of the location.

Find location uses the first result returned by Google Maps. If you get an unexpected result, be more specific, e.g. "de boelelaan, amsterdam" or even "de boelelaan, amsterdam, nederland".

Download Data

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Click on the download data link to view the download options.

For some data you have to log in using your VU-net-ID first.

Hold the Ctrl-key and the left mouse button and draw a rectangle on the map containing the area you would like to download.

After drawing the selection rectangle click on one of the links to start your download.

If you have selected a suitable area a popup window appears showing your download queue. To avoid overloading the server downloads are processed one by one.

When the background process is finished you can click on the link to start downloading the data to your pc.

Download links remain active for one hour or until you close your browser.

Click on the download data link to restore the normal viewer controls.

Download Area Restrictions

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Some larger datasets only allow you to download a small part of the data at once. The system will inform you with a popup message showing the area you selected and the maximum area. Click Ok to close the message and select a smaller area.

View layer

Supplemental files

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For some datasets additional files are offered such as layer and mxd files for use in ArcGis.

Change order

Related Links

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For some datasets additional information is available, such as a link to the library catalogue, the data source or documentation. Click on related links to view the links. Click on a link to open the document or webpage.

Click on related links again to close the block.