VU Geoplaza is the portal for all matters related to GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and Geodata at the Vrije University Amsterdam. It gives a platform for students and employers that wish to exchange, examine and even download digital map material. Geoplaza is a cooperation between the UB VU and the SPINlab. This website is divided in different categories:

  1. Browse datasets: A searchable collection of geodata that you can download. It contains frequently used datasets that are elsewhere (not yet) easily accessible, such as the TOP 10NL and the Basic Registration of Adresses and Buildings (BAG), georeferenced historic map material, and many more. Everybody can access Geoplaza via the internet. Due to copyrights certain files may only be free to download after log in with your VU-net-ID. Other contents may only be accessible by VU-students and employees on campus or otherwise with the help of thuiswerkfaciliteit.
  2. Projects: Here you can find research projects in which the VU is involved and in which digital maps play an important role. Project teams can easily show and share their maps here. Those pages are in general freely accessible, but availability criteria can be changed upon request. Besides research projects, in the projects tab you will find map material supporting educational purposes at the VU. This can be data that was used during the course, but also maps for fieldwork and research instructions. Would you like to use digital map material in a course, during fieldwork or another educational activity or share your research project on Geoplaza? The Geoplaza team would like to help! contact us
  3. Login: Here you can log in which gives you access to download certain maps that are available in the collection of datasets. To upload your research project or map material for eucational courses you also need to log in.
  • For information how to perform certain tasks (downloading data, uploading your project, etc.) within Geoplaza or how obtain / use GIS software, visit the 'manuals' page
  • Do you want to contact us, visit the 'Geoplaza staff & contact page' and fill in the contact form.
  • If you have a specific question about Geoplaza, first have a look at the frequently asked questions page!
  • If you are interested in other geo-data files available online, visit the 'geo-data on the web page'