UBVU and SPINlab introduce a refined version of the GIS portal

The University Library together with the Spatial Information Laboratory (SPINlab) have worked on a new version that now allows access to more data sets. Functionalities were improved so that everybody at the VU can create own maps and datasets as well as store and publish them. A complete redesign and a range of manuals have greatly improved comprehensibility. New datasets are continuously added to the catalogue. The goal is to make spatial data accessible to students, courses and researchers from a variety of academic fields.   



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The SPINlab of VU University Amsterdam has reached an agreement with Bridgis about their Populator online information service, ensuring access for research and education purposes to this rich online data environment. The VU University is the first university in the Netherlands to have this access.

With the Populator service, staff & students of our university can calculate the potential number of people present in an area for different times during the day and week using 17 different types of population (residents, employers, tourists, et cetera).

The Populator has primarily been developed for government bodies and companies involved in risk and safety management and can, for instance, be used for calculations involving flood risk, damage calculations, risks of the transportation of dangerous goods through densely-populated areas. The service can also generate important input for evacuation measures. Researchers can use the data, for instance, to validate data obtained from other sources. In education, the service can very well be used for courses in Risk and Disaster Management.

For more information, contact Jasper Dekkers from SPINlab.