Behind the scenes we have been working very hard to bring you a new data site. The new site is less tied to the map viewer and makes it easier for us to add more datasets.

The aim of the service is to offer a catalog of geodata relevant to research & education at the VU. You will find information about how and where you can get the data, if possible we offer a direct download. We don't aim to be a (research) data storage repository, although we are very interested in linking to research datasets that are suitable for reuse. One of the aims of Geoplaza is to promote the use of geodata and GIS everywhere.

For now the site contains the datasets we already offered in our old system and just a few new sets. The coming months Jasper Dekkers of VU Spinlab will add new (free and licensed) datasets relevant to research and education. We also aim to approach key users in other faculties and invite them to add their geodatasets to Geoplaza.

A quick overview of the new data site


Search is based on Apache Lucene which is widely used (for example in VU elibrary). You can use wildcards (* and ?) and boolean operators (and/or). We try to keep most of the metadata in English. A lot of the datasets are Dutch, so some Dutch text can't be avoided.

To aid you in finding the data you want there are some filtering options:

Tags, Themes & Topics

You can filter by 3 types op tags. Themes & Topics are controlled vocabularies based on the INSPIRE directive.

Tags are free-form keywords.

Filter by location

Every dataset has a spatial extent. Click on the pencil and draw a box on the map and click apply

You will find the datasets contained in or overlapping with the area


Data and resources

A dataset consists of a list of resources. A resource can be a direct download link, a link to a site containing information about the set, a preview or the familiar map viewer with download options.

We try to offer as many options as we can find, see for example "bodemgebruik". There is a link to the viewer with which you can download a specific area, links to the PDOK atom feeds with download links to the most recent versions of the complete dataset and a link to DANS where you can find older versions of the complete set.

Licensed data

 Some datasets are not open, you will see a lock symbol and text showing who can access the data. Log in to Geoplaza with your VUnetID via the login link in the menu to access the data:


If you'd like to use a dataset which is not accessible to your faculty, please contact us.


We would like to thank the CKAN team for their fantastic software.

Please note the geodata on the web page also contains useful links to data and tools. We will probably add those to the catalog in the future.



In EASY is nu de dataset 'Randstad, Intermediate and Peripheral Zonation' beschikbaar. Deze bestanden, gedeponeerd door het Spatial Information laboratory van de VU, beschrijven de zonering van Nederland in 3 gebieden, gebaseerd op een publicatie van Wagtendonk en Rietveld over ruimtelijke ordening en woningbouw.

De dataset is beschikbaar gesteld door de vakgroep Ruimtelijke Economie van de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. De vakgroep zet meer in op duurzame data-archivering, waarvan deze deponering het eerste resultaat vormt. De bestanden zijn te downloaden na registratie in EASY.


De dataset is een bijlage bij het volgende paper:
Koomen, E., Dekkers, J.E.C. and van Dijk, T. (2008) Open space preservation in the Netherlands: planning, practice and prospects, Land Use Policy, 25 (3), pp.361-377.

EDIT: De dataset staat nu ook in onze nieuwe catalogus.