Create, publish and edit maps

Before you can create and publish a map, you should upload your map that you have created in ArcGIS to the ArcGIS server. See the tutorial how to do this

create a map-view 

add a WMS / WFS or WCS layer from a server

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  • go to the "share maps" tab on the Geoplaza site, and dlick on the "Geoplaza Map Creator" link at point 1. 

  • Choose the Web Mercator project, and click create


  • Click the "create new" button
  • or search an existing map-view that you have published before from the dropdownl list and click "edit"


  • In the next window click 'add layers from source"



  • In the field ‘enter a new one’ copy paste the URL of the map service you have published on the ArcGIS server  
  • log in onto to the ArcGIS server
    • double-click on the folder where you saved your map service
    • double-click on the service you want to upload
    • click on the WMS link (on the top of the page)
    • Copy the URL (from the address bar), make sure it looks like this:
  • Click "Get capabilities"


  • Select the layer(s) (to select multiple layer hold ctrl button) and click: add selected 

  • When you also want to add a WFS or WCS, copy paste the link of the WFS or WCS from the ArcGIS server
  • You can also add other layers that already are available on the server, for example the TOP50raster or area boundaries, therefore select these existing layers from the dropdown list
  • click: Get capabilities
  • Select the layer(s) and click: add selected 



  • Close the "add layers from source" window


  • Click preview if you want a preview of your map service 

  • Here you can check whether the right layers are selected
  • Here you can check if the uploaded WFS or WCS can be downloaded



  • Click save and quit to save your map on GeoPlaza 



publish a map

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  • After saving your map view you can continue with publishing
  • Besides publishing your map on Geoplaza, you can send the link to the map view directly to your colleagues
  • Or embed the map view into your own website in an iframe (copy paste link


  • After clicking publish your map do the following:
    • At the article page fill in all the relevant fields (title, tags, category, access etc.)
    • write a short description in Engish (this will be shown in the project list)
    • write an article about you project (this will be shown in the map view window of your project)



  • Select the map view that you just created rom the list:


  • Save and close the article. Your map is nog published on Geoplaza